Procedure for renting out accommodations to tourists has been adopted

Procedure for renting out accommodations to tourists has been adopted

In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 433 of July 10, 2020 "On measures to create favorable conditions for the development and rehabilitation of the tourism sector in the Republic of Uzbekistan", another important document has been adopted.

This "Regulation on the procedure for maintaining the Unified electronic register of rented housing and its certification" establishes the procedure for maintaining a unified register of housing of individuals and legal entities in apartment buildings, rented to tourists for no more than 30 days and its certification.

Homeowners have the right to rent out their home after entering it in the Unified Register of Housing for Rent. The Register is maintained by the State Unitary Enterprise "Tourism Services Certification Center" under the State Committee for Tourism on the official website. Housing rent is carried out electronically through the current automated special electronic program.

Housing certification and entry into the Register is carried out by registering an application in the program. The following documents are attached to the application:

- passport data of individuals;

- business entities - a copy of the certificate of state registration;

- an extract from the state register of rights to real estate.

The fee for entering into the Register is:

- for individuals - 50% of the base calculated value for each housing;

- for legal entities - one size of the base calculated value for each housing.

Rented housing must comply with the established requirements of the state standard O`zDSt 3220: 2017 “Tourist services. Accommodation facilities. General Requirements "and persons renting out housing must ensure the fire safety and sanitary and hygienic safety of housing.