Introduction of a uniform electronic rental housing register and its certification

Introduction of a uniform electronic rental housing register and its certification

Cabinet of Ministers resolution No. 433 of July 10, 2020 approved the Ordinance on the Procedure for Maintaining the Unified Electronic Register of Housing Rents and its Certification.


This declaration applies to:


  • Cooperation with the State Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the registration of apartments owned by natural and legal persons that are rented to tourists for up to thirty days;
  • when registering apartments owned by natural and legal persons rented to tourists for up to thirty days;


(Temporary registration of tourists visiting the Republic of Uzbekistan for a period not exceeding thirty days, with the exception of cases of contact with the territorial internal affairs bodies);


  • Establishing and maintaining a database of apartments for rental to tourists, including tenants for taxation and temporary registration of tourists at the place of residence for up to thirty days;
  • Certification of rental apartments.


Unified Register of Apartment Rentals (hereinafter: the Register) - the database of rental apartments is operated by the State Unified Enterprise "Center for Certification of Tourism Services" of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan (hereinafter - the Center).


In this case, the rental apartment must meet the regulatory requirements set.


The apartment is rented electronically via the program.


In particular, housing certification and inclusion in the register is carried out by registering an application in the program.


The applicant submits an online application for confirmation of residence and entry in the register, enclosing the following documents:


  • Applicant's passport details - for individuals;
  • a copy of the state registration certificate - for companies;
  • an extract from the state land registry.


The registration database is updated online.


The register is kept in electronic form and published on the centre's official website.


The certification of rental apartments is simplified by being included in the register.


The center checks the application and the documents attached to it within one working day from the date of receipt, enters the research results in the register and notifies the applicant electronically via the QR code numbering system.


In this case, the landlord is responsible for ensuring fire protection and sanitary security and, if necessary, gives instructions on fire protection measures in two or more foreign languages.


The commission for examining an application for inclusion in the register is automatically collected through the program:


  • for individuals (sole proprietorships) - at the rate of fifty percent of the amount of the basic calculation for each apartment;
  • for legal entities - in an amount that is a multiple of the estimated basic amount for each apartment.


The program provides information to individuals about the need to register as an economic entity in the event of a delay in renting apartments (more than 120 days a year).


It should be noted that the exclusion of apartments from the register occurs in the following cases:


  • if the apartment has not been rented for a year;
  • if the applicant enters inaccurate information (incorrect documents) into the program;
  • Application for voluntary exclusion from the register by the apartment owner;
  • Homeowner's failure to comply with the terms and requirements of this Regulation;
  • in case of liquidation or termination of the activity of a legal person - the owner of the apartment;
  • in the case of constant violation by placing the requirements of regulatory documents.


At the same time, the center monitors the homeowner's compliance with a number of relevant requirements:


  • Identification and prevention of violations of the relevant requirements;
  • to study the compliance of the services provided in them with the requirements of the administrative documents for accommodation facilities;
  • Recognize and prevent dishonest and dishonest behavior by homeowners that can affect the quality and safety of rental housing;
  • research together with the interested ministries and departments on the subject of compliance with fire protection regulations and the safe use of gas and electrical appliances.


In this regard, the rights and obligations of the homeowners and the center are also established, and those who violate the requirements of the decision will be held liable in accordance with the provisions of the law.